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As September bids farewell to Summer and ushers in Fall, it also brings National Self Improvement Month: a month literally devoted to bettering yourself in any area of your life. While some might want to focus on improving their mental or physical health, others might want to improve their career, finances or personal relationships. 

This year’s Self Improvement Month is particularly more meaningful in light of the physical and mental stressors that living through a world-wide pandemic has created.

National Self Improvement month is meant to be a month of self-check-in, re-evaluation and change for the better. Here at Wellness at the Spa, we are huge proponents of this type of lifestyle. Our goal is to always make you feel your best, and we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you in your month-long journey of Self Improvement.

  • Intellectual Wellness – reading is a great way to gain inner-insight and wisdom, not to mention improve your vocabulary and intellect. Whether you want to read an actual book about self-improvement or just get lost in fiction, reading is one of the best ways to increase your mental stamina.
  • Mental Wellness – Speaking of mental stamina, promoting positive mental wellness is essential in self-improvement. One way to clear your mind of things that are worrying you or holding you back is journaling. Whether you jot down a few sentences about yourself, or get lost in writing pages (or even chapters!), the simple act of putting pen to paper and focusing exclusively on yourself is empowering. It also forces you to take a step back to reflect rather than react, which will only help your chances of being successful in your self-improvement goals.
  • Physical Wellness – As the hotter temps of August yield to cooler ones, now is a great time to take a morning or evening stroll outside. Instead of bringing ear phones to accompany your walk, try going solo and simply listening to your own thoughts. The idea of not constantly having background noise to listen to can be stressful for some, but the more you practice just listening to your inner voice, the easier it will be for you to identify aspects of yourself that need improvement.
  • Getting out of your Comfort Zone – Doing the same things every day, or reacting to situations the same way, breeds monotony and prevents growth. In order to truly grow and improve, we must constantly learn new things about ourselves, and changing up our routines allows us to do that. Because of Covid-19, many colleges are offering free courses online. You can also use online classes for fun: from taking private singing lessons, participating in at-home-workouts or even learning a new language.
  • Keeping it Simple – trust us, we know there are tons of products and regimens on the market that come and go: miracle workouts, fad diets and hacks that provide instant results with little work. We all know from experience that these types of Quick Fixes never last and are generally unhealthy for many reasons. Adopting a lifestyle that incorporates a balanced diet and disciplined exercise regimen has always stood the test of time. Couple this approach with our all-natural supplements and wellness products, and you’ll be set for success each and every month.
  • Let us help you – All of our services are physician led, which means that they are medically sound and designed to make you feel your best, beginning from within. Whether you are wanting to lose weight, boost your immune system or simply improve your energy and metabolism, we have IV Therapies, Injectables and medical-grade supplements to fit your needs. We encourage you to email or call us today at 214-489-7757 to begin your journey to a self-improved you!