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How can a Skinny Shot help me lose weight?

If your new year’s resolution was to lose weight, but you’re having a little trouble, then a skinny shot could be for you. Whether you’re making progress with your weight loss but seem to be at a plateau, or you’re just getting started, getting a skinny shot will kickstart your plan. Come to the spa in Addison TX for the amazing benefits of skinny shots.

What Is A Skinny Shot?

While the name makes it sound like something you’d get at a cafe, the skinny shot is an injection that boosts your metabolism to help you lose weight. This is a safe, FDA approved injectable that targets your fat deposits and breaks them down quickly.

How Does the Skinny Shot Work?

When you get a skinny shot, your metabolic rate is increased by the compound in the skinny shot. Once your body is kickstarted by the skinny shot, the nutrients in the ingredients begin to break down the fat that’s been released. The process then works to detoxify your system and release the fat.

What’s in A Skinny Shot?

There three main ingredients in a skinny shot are methionine, inositol and choline. Here’s how they help you lose weight:
Methionine – this is an amino acid that is essential in helping to dissolve fat in your body.
Inositol – this B vitamin is effective when it comes to supporting your nerve synapses and promoting a solid cellular system. It also helps to lower your cholesterol.
Choline – an important part of your liver function, it helps remove waste materials including fat out of your body.
Skinny shots also are enriched with B complex vitamins and other nutrients to keep you going all day.

How Fast Does A Skinny Shot Work?

You should notice the results of the skinny shot right away, but weight loss will depend on your body’s metabolic rate. When you get a skinny shot every week, exercise and eat right, then you should start seeing your weight decrease.

More Benefits Of The Skinny Shot

On top of the weight loss properties of the skinny shot, you’ll have more energy. You’ll also feel less bloated with a decrease in appetite. You may notice your hair and skin growing stronger, and that you’re thinking more clearly too.
When you’re ready to lose weight fast, visit our Addison TX spa for the best skinny shots in town.

Skinny Shots

Lose Weight with These Injections

Skinny Shots are injections that can help curb your appetite and help you lose weight. Specifically, these injections are what’s known as lipotropic injections that contain lipotropic agents, B vitamins, and amino acids. All of these ingredients help your liver metabolize fat. In the process, you’ll burn fat quicker as a result of increased metabolism, and you’ll have more energy.

What’s In a Lipotropic Injection?

Again, these shots contain B vitamins, lipotropic agents, and several amino acids to support increased metabolism and weight loss. Specifically, Skinny Shots contain methionine, inositol, choline, and vitamin B12. Methionine is an amino acid that helps reduce a fatty liver, is anti-inflammatory, and aids in detoxification. Inositol is an amino acid that can help you lower cholesterol levels. Inositol also helps improve the health of your eyes, intestines, bone marrow, and brain. Choline also helps you decrease cholesterol levels, and it can be used by your body to metabolize fat and control weight. Vitamin B12 is an all-around energy booster that is essential for nervous system health as well as helping you lose weight.

How Lipotropic Injections Aid Weight Loss

Lipotropic Injections provide your body with key nutrients that promote liver health. A healthy liver is essential for weight loss, as it is your liver that metabolizes fat. These injections not only improve liver health and fat loss, but they also provide you with energy and help curb your appetite so that you can move more and eat less.

In Combination with a Weight Loss Program

As with any weight loss program, the effectiveness of these injections will vary from user to user; however, you can increase the effectiveness of lipotropic injections by also following an approved weight loss program. Skinny Shots will boost focus and energy, help curb your appetite, and make your body more efficient at metabolizing fat. If you combine all of this with a lower calorie, heart healthy diet, you’re more likely to be successful at your weight loss goals.

Benefits of Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections have a myriad of benefits. They provide you with energy, which can also lead to improved mood and mental clarity. The ingredients discussed above can improve liver functioning, which can help with detoxification and fat burning. Better liver functioning can also mean increased absorption of nutrients. When people restrict calories, the body has a tendency to pull energy from muscles before fat; lipotropic injections can reduce incidents of this by helping your body metabolize fat first, preserving your muscle tissue. Lipotropic injections can also improve the health of your gallbladder.

Where to Get Skinny Injections

You can get lipotropic injections for weight loss at Wellness at the Spa in Dallas, TX. We offer a variety of injectables such as Liquid Lipo, glutathione booster shots to reduce inflammation, and of course skinny injections, which we offer through IV therapy or intramuscularly. If you’d like to increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and get your body in gear to lose weight, be sure to visit us on the web at

Liquid-Lipo Shot Party

Saturday January 12th at 7pm Cody & Dr Sharon will be giving Liquid Lypo Skinny / B-12 shots while Jim will be serving sugar free Ketle One shots.  Join us for a night of fun and start the year out healthy.  Skinny Shots are only $25.00 and the Ketle One shots are free!!!  Message or call to RSVP.  214.489.7757