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Botox Injections for skin wrinkling, frown lines and crow’s feet



Botox is a cosmetic injection containing a purified form of protein from bacteria known as Clostridium Botulinum. This protein temporarily reduces muscle activity in your face, which helps minimize frown lines and crow’s feet. Stopping these muscles from doing their regular contractions helps prevent these lines from getting deeper and reduces them for a limited time.

Botox Injections involve a series of subcutaneous or intramuscular injections designed to weaken certain muscles that cause skin wrinkling. Weakening of the injected muscles begins to be apparent after 2-3 days with the peak effect being reached after 14 days. Results can last 2-5 months. The procedure can be repeated after 4 months; however, injection given at less than 3-month intervals may not produce a noticeable effect. This product is FDA approved for the glabella region.

Getting Botox injections might cause some slight discomfort, such as a pinching feeling, but you shouldn’t have any considerable pain. We make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible before receiving these injections.