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What Is IV Vitamin Therapy?

Health and beauty tends to go hand-to-hand in most cases. On the other hand, your level of beauty could be a fa├žade to cover-up hidden issues. The health and beauty industry similar to Wellness at the Spa is one of the most dynamic, exciting and demanding industries on earth. This industry is generally composed of numerous sectors, such as dieting, weight training, organic foods and medical intervention. If you’re planning on reaching a high standard of beauty, then you must understand that time, energy and money could be a part of the equation.

So, What’s A Great Solution To Reaching A Healthy Status?

One of the better solutions for reaching an optimal-health standing is by using – IV Vitamin Therapy. Yes, this is absolutely correct, but you may not be aware of what this is and how good it works to re-energize the body. Intravenous-vitamin therapy is basically a safe method of delivering of administering a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to your circulatory system. Of course, this is a direct way to shuttle nutrients throughout your system in the fastest amount of time. In order to look your best means that you’ll need to feel your best, and this type of therapy can reach underlying issues in the body.

WATS – IV Vitamin Therapy increases your overall wellness. This vitamin-rich cocktail has been shown to boost energy levels, increases your metabolism, fights fatigue and much more.

How Can I Receive Treatments?

There are many emerging medical establishments like Wellness at the Spa that have adopted this practice, but the very best institute for receiving IV-vitamin therapy is Wellness at the Spa. Our practice is located in the city of Dallas, Texas, at Ava Sophia Salon Suites. We are a full-service medical spa that’s fully committed to exceptional service and efficiency. Wellness at the Spa hosts licensed physicians, nurses, medical assistants and nurse practitioners. Some of our other treatments include Botox, hair restoration and injectables.

Wellness at the Spa utilize various types of IV treatments to better your health. Myers Cocktail is great for suppressing seasonal allergies, fights fatigue, enhances the immune system and decreases chronic pain in the body. In addition to that, our Hangover Hydromax treatment of IV Vitamin Therapy is great for fighting nausea, inflammation, lightheadedness and acid reflux.

The options are nearly endless, and we here at Wellness at the Spa have many more IV treatments that could help re-balance your health.

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Want To Look & Feel Younger?

Liquid Lipo

Liquid Lipo, also known as Vitamin B12 intramuscular injection treatment, is a perfect weekly booster that will add to your body the nutrition it needs to boost your energy, detoxify your body, and help regulate your sleep, mood, and appetite.~

Skinny Shots

Our skinny injections can be given intramuscularly or through IV therapy and are an expertly crafted formula that suppresses your appetite, increases your metabolism, and gets your cells buffed up to quickly break down body fat and puts your body in gear to lose those extra pounds.