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Allergies and Allergy treatments: Do you need Allergy treatment or prevention services? Then check out our Family Wellness offices here.

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Allergies can be a real disruption to your life. Wellness at the Spa offers an on-site allergy clinic for allergy prevention and treatment. We can test for the cause of that persistent running nose or that rash that you get every spring.

We’ll discuss the types of symptoms you are experiencing and proceed with allergy testing on you to verify the allergens causing the symptoms.

Allergy Testing is done via a skin tests. We utilize percutaneous skin tests. Percutaneous testing involves making a small (painless) scratch on the skin and exposing an allergen directly to this scratch. We then wait approximately 15 minutes to see which allergen have created red bumps on the skin. Those results are evaluated to develop your treatment plan.

Once we know the cause of the symptoms, we can work on allergy treatment and increasing your quality of life. Reach out to our allergy clinic in Plano, TX today to schedule allergy treatment or prevention services.

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Your Allergies with Wellness at the Spa

Allergies are common. Symptoms can range from a stuffy/runny nose, skin rashes, and insomnia. More serious symptoms can include trouble breathing and asthma. Whether you’re suffering from seasonal allergies or any other form of allergies, our allergy clinic can help solve your problems. Allergies can be induced from many different triggers.  You may suffer from one or more of the following types of allergies:

  • Outdoor allergies – such as pollen, grass, bug bites or stings, etc.
  • Indoor allergies – dust, dust mites, feathers, pets, etc.

Preparing for Your Allergy Appointment

When coming in for your allergy testing, please AVOID the following before or during the testing period:

  • antihistamines, montelukast, antidepressants or high-dose long-term steroids should be stopped, depending on the medication, three to 14 days before the day of testing.
  • asthma medications or short bursts of oral steroids may be continued, as they will not affect the results
  • do not wear any scented products to the office on the day of testing
  • provide a list of medications you are taking



Monica Reimer
Monica Reimer
Shelby was very helpful and informative. My husband and I are very happy with our results so far!
Sasha Wright
Sasha Wright
I have had an amazing experience. The staff is amazing!
Nicole Mansion
Nicole Mansion
Wonderful care of my daughter!
Katelynn Kemp
Katelynn Kemp
This team is absolutely amazing and I enjoy every visit! I highly recommend them.
Hilary Roberts
Hilary Roberts
Dr. Wiener, Kaitlin, and Brittany took great care of me! I wasn’t feeling well and needed a boost after being on a Z-Pak for four days. I will be back:-)
Kaitlin and Brittany are professional and kind of and knowledge about the process. Thank you for your service.
Erika Newell
Erika Newell
10/10 recommend! I’ve thought about getting injectables for over a year now and finally decided to go with Wellness at the Spa and it was an amazing experience. I was given all the information about what was going to happen and given the price before anything else. I love that because if you don’t want to proceed you are given that option. I will be going back for all my needs!

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